User Experience Portfolio (Research + Development + Design)

The following work is not comprehensive and represents only an overview of my work in User Experience. My other UX, UI and Web Development works can only be shown in person because of the agreements signed.

Please click on the respective links for accessing the portfolios

Link to access Full Portfolio: Click Here

01. Usability Inspection:

Purpose of Work: Web Usability Inspection using the design rules learnt in the class room on the Purdue OWL Website.

Work Process: Analyzing the entire layout, organization, flow and every design element for Usability Errors through the Usability Inspection technique.

Work Sample:

SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_017 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_023 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_027

02. User Research:

Purpose of Work: User Research for creation of a Web Application called ‘Online Hub’.

Work Process: Creation of Personas through User Research based on the usage of the ‘Online Hub’ application and deriving the requirements for the same by studying the Use Cases that each Persona would use the application in the specific Scenario.

Work Sample:

SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_036 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_040 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_044

03. Conceptual Design:

Purpose of Work: Creation of Sketches, Wire frames and Prototypes using the requirements from the Usability Report #2.

Work Process: The result of Usability Report #2 was the input for this report. We created Sketches, Wireframes and Prototypes based on the requirements that our team derived on the previous report. The prototypes were of the highest quality and precision and reflected the requirements of the Personas.

Work Sample:

SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_074 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_084 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_096

04. Usability Testing:

Purpose of Work: Identifying Usability Issues and providing recommendations for the same in Purdue University’s CGT Graduate School Website using Traditional Usability Testing along with uncovering the design problems through Web Experience Analysis method.

Work Process:  This report involved recruitment of several participants and collecting data based on their responses for the tasks designed by us. Then, we evaluate their responses and along with the behavioral data that we collected during the testing sessions for usability issues in the Website. Based on the issues, we provide the necessary correctional recommendations for the website.

Work Sample:

SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_114 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_115 SurenDeepakR_Portfolio_Page_116


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