Movies on ‘Typography’ & ‘Visualization’

     Friends,  I thought I definitely should share this.  There is a series of documentaries by independent film maker – Gary Hustwit, called as the ‘Design Trilogy‘.  All the three movies are must watch for Designers.  Of the three movies, Helvetica is a movie which is completely based on typography.  After last week’s presentation on ‘Typography’, I got reminded of Helvetica.  Mike Parker, the typographer of ‘Helvetica’ would have talked in the documentary.  I never knew that so much details goes into while designing a typeface.  It is visual treat to watch the details that goes into the alphabets while crafting them.  I have embedded the trailer below to get a sneak peek on the documentary.

Helvetica In Motion from Positive Pictures on Vimeo.

     Also, Edward Tuefte has posted the movie ‘Teaching To See’ in his Vimeo channel.  ‘Teaching To See’ is a movie on Inge Druckerey,  a teacher on Visualization.  This movie is all about the how she taught her students to Visualize.  :).  This is documentary movie is must watch for getting a different perspective on looking at designs.  I have the embedded the movie from ET’s channel below.

Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See from Edward Tufte on Vimeo.

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How ‘Social Media’ can change the World !

     Clay Shirky, a multi-faceted American writer is both a consultant and teacher on socio-economic effects of the Internet.  He has given a presentation in TED Conference (June 2009) on how social media can make history.  Dr. V would have certainly known about him.  Take a look at this video to know more on how it can make it happen.  You can read more about him if you are interested here.

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Presenting Information Visually

     After, preparing for my presentation on the topic – ‘Presenting Information Visually’, I got to know that there is so much to learn in this vast field of Information Visualization and that is why this blog post.  This post will primarily serve as the end note for the presentation but on a much broader scale.  Dr. V too advised to post a blog post in the feedback expanding the thoughts from the presentation.

   Edward Tuefte and David McCandless are the important persons to keep note and track of if you are much serious in this field.  Edward Tuefte being a pioneer in this field did not give a TED Talk yet.  But, Edward Tuefte has a Vimeo Channel where he posts mostly about his sculptures.  He posted the interesting video below on using Waterfalls and Wheat Fields from an HD Video for Visualizing Data.  Can you imagine how cool and innovative is that.  Take a look yourself.  :).

Wavefields from Edward Tufte on Vimeo.

     Edward Tuefte, The DaVinci of Data Visualization, in some of his 1-Day sessions also advises the audiences on creating beautiful powerpoint presentations.  Don’t confuse them with Edward Tuefte’s Data Visualization principles.  These slides convey about his thoughts on ‘How to Present’ and they are created by McGarrah Jessee’s Lauri Johnston.  I thought it would be very useful for each of us.

   David McCandless has his own personal website where he posts ‘Cool’ infographics on day to day things.  Since, he is a journalist most of his inspiration are from the News.  He even posted an visualization on ‘People’s Taste’ from each country.  :).  If time permits, don’t miss the chance to peek into each of his infographics in his website.  David McCandless talked in a TED Conference – The Beauty of Data Visualization.  You can see the video right below.


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